Bella Ranee Talks About Her Relationship With Will Chawin

Lately, the report said that Bella Ranee had been in a relationship with a handsome businessman Will Chawin.

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This news has created a lot of anticipation among people.

Recently, Bella Ranee attended the award ceremony and gave an interview about this.

The top actress opened up that the pictures spoke for themselves. She lived her normal life, but she hadn’t spoken about it earlier because he didn’t work in the entertainment industry.

Bella Ranee further explained that she met him by chance on the plane when their flight was delayed and got to know each other.

At that time, she was wearing a face mask and they didn’t realize that they were both Thai.

Whenever she travels by plane, Bella Ranee always wears a face mask. This is why they communicated in English when they first met.

Bella Ranee expressed her gratitude towards her fans who support her to have love.

She thinks that he understands her career and they start getting to know each other now.

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