Bella Ranee Talks About Weir Sukollawat And Her Travel Plan To Europe

On 15 September 2019, Bella Ranee Campen attends the event and gives an interview with reporters about her boyfriend Weir Sukollawat and her travel plan to Europe.

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Bella Ranee is asked what does she feels when Weir Sukollawat says that she is number one in his heart and she replies that she is a little bit shy after hearing about it.

In later this year, she will travel with Weir Sukollawat and other friends to Europe to see the Northern lights. She and her friends bought the same shoes for this trip.

She is asked if Weir Sukollawat makes a surprising proposal for this trip and she replies that it probably doesn’t have any surprises.

Photo: bellacampen | weir19

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