The Beloved On-Screen Couple of 2024 (Final)

Who will be named ‘The Beloved On-Screen Couple of 2024’ by Thai Update?

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On May 12, we are excited to announce that the official voting for ‘The Beloved On-Screen Couple of 2024’ Final is now opened.

Here are all nominees from Group 1 to Group 4 who made it to the finals.

  • Pon Sailub
  • Sea Keen
  • Keng Namping
  • Milk Love
  • Winny Satang

  • Anda Lookkaew
  • Krist Singto
  • Tay New
  • Ohm Leng
  • Snack Pailiu

  • Faye Yoko
  • Aoom Meena
  • Noon Praewa
  • Yoon Ton
  • Mos Bank

  • Lin Mint
  • Ling Orm
  • Vi Pin
  • William Est
  • Namtan Film

Voting Mechanics

  • You can only choose one on-screen couple to vote for from the options provided.
  • As this poll is no limits, you feel free to vote again after casting your initial selection.
  • The couple who win will be crowned as ‘The Beloved On-Screen Couple of 2024’ and receive a trophy.
  • Just a friendly reminder, the poll will close on May 27, 2024, at 3 PM (BKK).


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