9 Things You Need To Know About Ben Raviyanun

Ben Raviyanun is a talented actress under ONE 31 channel. She is currently well-known playing as Mingkwan in a popular TV drama ‘Huajai Sila’ with Tor Thanapob and Fern Nopjira.

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1. Ben Raviyanun was born on 07 November 1992.

2. In 2010, she attended another contest, Miss Lamphun and got number 2.

3. She joined the contest UTip Freshy Idol 2011 and were in the top 15.

4. In 2013, she won the contest, Miss Chiang Mai.

5. She used to join the singing contest The Star Season 9 and 10.

6. She entered the entertainment industry by playing a TV drama ‘Songkram Nang Ngam’ for ONE 31.

7. Ben Raviyanun is more popular when she plays a TV drama ‘Pitsawat’ with Nune Woranuch and Pong Nawat.

8. In 2018, she showed another level of her acting skill in a TV drama ‘Songkram Nak Pun’.

9. This year, she is back with the great acting skill in a TV drama ‘Huajai Sila’.

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