The Best New Thai TV Drama And Movie Couple

Voting is now open for “The best new Thai TV drama and movie couple” with the nomination of several great pairings.

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Photo: mik_thongraya, gxxod, narinnarinrak

The following are the voting mechanics:

  • Choose one up to 3 TV drama and movie couples.
  • You can vote every 3 hours.
  • This poll will be closed on 10 March 2020 at 3 PM. (Thai Time Zone)
  • 10 TV drama and movie couples with most votes will move to the semi-finalist.


Here is the list of TV drama and movie couples:

  • Kao Jirayu and BNK48’s Cherprang
  • God Itthipat and Richy Oranate
  • Joss Wayar and Nune Woranuch
  • Mike Pattaradet and Mookda Narinrak
  • Masu Junyangdikul and Preem Ranida
  • Mik Thongraya and Bow Maylada
  • Ohm Thitiwat and Fluke Natouch
  • Bright Vachirawich and Win Metawin
  • Zee Pruk and Saint Suppapong
  • Tommy Sittichok and Jimmy Karn
  • Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut
  • Bank Thanatip and Pon Thanapon
  • Billkin Putthipong and PP Krit
  • Ohm Pawat and Nont Sadanont

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    (February 27, 2020 - 6:15 am)

    i like them.


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    So sweet.

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