Bow Maylada talks about Great Warintorn and Alek Teeradetch on ‘3 Zaap’

On October 10, Bow Maylada attended the popular Thai TV3 show ‘3 Zaap’ as a guest.

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Noom Kanchai asked Bow Maylada about Great Warintorn.

Bow Maylada answered that he was just a brother to her and she has known him for a long time.

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A TV show host continued asking her about Alek Teeradetch. She replied that he was lovely.

Then, Noom Kanchai gave her another question that if he was flirting with her.

The actress said “Hmm” and asked Chompoo Araya what she should reply.

Chompoo Araya said that just talking to each other normally.

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Bow Maylada also replied to Noom Kanchai as Chompoo Araya told.

Noticeably, Alek Teeradetch and Bow Maylada worked together in the music video “Are You Okay?” by Zentrady and Kong Saharat.

Their chemistry is wonderful when they’re together in this music video.



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