Bow Maylada admits she will have a new drama produced by Anne Thongprasom next year

On October 10, Bow Maylada attended the popular Thai TV3 show ‘3 Zaap’ as a guest.

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Aff Taksaorn asks Bow Maylada how many dramas she is filming now.

The actress answers that there are 2 dramas that will start filming next year.

Those dramas will be produced by Nok Jariya and Anne Thongprasom.

The first drama is “Tai Ngao Tawan” that she will star alongside Mark Prin.

Fans discussed this on the online community and said that they were excited for her new drama produced by Anne Thongprasom.

Some of them wished she starred alongside James Jirayu, Gulf Kanawut, Great Warintorn, or others in this upcoming drama.

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