Boy Pakorn Is Asked If He Flirts Chippy Sirin

On 10 June 2019, Boy Pakorn attended the event ‘VIC BIG 3 The New Era’ and was asked if he flirted his co-star Chippy Sirin.

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“I don’t flirt her. I and Chippy are close. We’re always joking with each other for so long. I and Antoine Pinto know each other and I’m also close to Chippy. We’re only a brother and sister,” Boy Pakorn says.

“I see the comments that fans ship us to be a real couple. They ship us to a real one because we play a TV drama together. For news about Chippy Sirin and Antoine Pinto break up, I know it some from her and the news but I don’t ask her about it,” He adds.

Photo: boy_pakorn | sirinissirin

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