Boy Pakorn Is Asked About Gypso Ariigantha

On 27 February 2019, Boy Pakorn attended the event and had an interview about the actress Gypos Ariigantha.

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“I’m still single as before. I and Gypso are friends. I not often see her posting a beautiful photo, that’s why I jokingly comment on her photo,” Boy Pakorn says.

“It doesn’t mean that she isn’t my ideal type but we’re just friends. I have never thought about developing our friendship to the next step. She is nice, funny, and cute. I comment jokingly with her about having a meal together. I asked her 3 years ago to have a meal together but we have never had it,” he adds.

“We played a movie together and have never met each other. As a friend, I miss her. Many people ship me and her to be a real couple but it can’t be like that. It’s ok for being friends,” he continues.

Photo: | boy_pakorn


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