Boy Pakorn Talks About His Group of Friends

The news reports that James Jirayu and Great Warintorn’s girlfriend identities were found after they talk jokingly about each other on the TV Show ‘3 Zapp’.

The source adds that a group ‘Kon Dee Tee Nhai’ has a new rule for not talking about their girlfriends.

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Boy Pakorn states, “It’s not like that but it has some effect, that’s why we talk jokingly less than before. We talk jokingly because some of the audiences know that some members have their special people and we talk about each member with the limits,” Boy Pakorn says.

“Members of the group aren’t serious or tell each other not to talk jokingly. We can talk with the limits,” he adds.

Photo: boypakorn_raisailom | great_rider10 | withjamesji

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