9 Things you need to know about Boy Pakorn

The following are 9 things you have never known about the actor Boy Pakorn.

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Photo: IG boy_pakorn
  1. Boy Pakorn was born on August 20, 1984.
  2. He is 180 centimeters height.
  3. The actor has 2 little brothers and an adopted sister.
  4. He completed a bachelor’s degree in the faculty of Pharm Sciences from Chulalongkorn University.
  5. He entered the entertainment industry as a model for advertising. Then, he worked as a model and played a music video.
  6. Boy Pakorn debuted as an actor in a 2008 film ’4 romances’.
  7. He debuted as an actor for a small screen with a Thai TV3 drama ’Fai Rak Arsoon’ in 2009.
  8. His popularity grew up after playing a 2010 TV drama ’Wayupak Montra’ with Margie Rasri.
  9. Boy Pakorn is a fan of Yuri’s Girls’ Generation and Blackpink.

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