Bright Vachirawit and Mai Davika have great chemistry in the new series

On December 01, GMM TV announced the lineup of the upcoming 2022 drama series that will air on GMM 25.

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“Astrophile” is one of the most interesting series next year with the performance of the top BL actor Bright Vachirawit and the top actress Mai Davika.

In the trailer, this series tells the story of the main characters who met each other when they were college students.

Then, they meet each other once again after they have never met for a long time.

Mai Davika will take the role of ‘Nubdao’ (Literal Translation: Counting Star) in this series.

Even they just work together for the first time. But, their chemistry is great.

Many international fans say that they’re excited and can’t wait for this upcoming series.

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