Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin are the only 2 actors on the top Thai celebrity Instagram earners for 2021

Based on a report by NetCredit, Bright Vachirawit and his best co-star Win Metawin ranked on the top Thai celebrity Instagram earners for 2021.

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Bright Vachirawit

“2Gether The Series” star Bright Vachirawit now hit 16.3 million followers on his official Instagram account.

He has many followers in Thailand and other countries around the world.

Last year, he reportedly has a calculated earning of US$ 2,852,171 for sponsored Instagram posts.

On the list, Bright Vachirawit placed 3rd following Blackpink’s Lisa and Chompoo Araya who ranked #1 and #2.

Win Metawin

As always, a young actor Win Metawin shared plenty of his handsome photos on Instagram and collects followers of 14.1 million.

According to the record, “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers” star placed 6th and earned US$ 971,899 for sponsored Instagram post.

Congratulations to both Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin!

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