Bua Nalinthip Talks About Pon Nawasch In A New Interview

In recent days, a beautiful and talented actress Bua Nalinthip gives an interview with reporters about her co-star Pon Nawasch.

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“Normally, I and Pon Nawasch tease each other on Instagram. Everyone don’t expect that the feedback is great like this. Pon Nawasch has more fans and I’m happy for him. He gets more people loving him,” Bua Nalinthip says.

“The viewers are maybe not into the drama if I play a couple with other actors? It’s normally because the actress has to with other actors. When I play with another actor, the viewers probably ship me with that actor,”

“For Pon Nawasch, the viewers maybe ship him with the actress he plays with for his new drama. When the viewers ship us to be a real couple, it means that it’s successful because they’re into the TV drama,”

“I and Pon Nawasch will have another new drama ‘Praomook’ together,” she adds.

Photo: buanalinthip (1) | pon_nawasch

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