Broadcast Thai Television corporates with GDH to produce a new film “Buppesunnivas 2 the movie”

On September 23, GDH announces that the production will corporate with Broadcast Thai Television to produce “Buppesunnivas 2 the movie” at the event ‘GDH 2021 Lineup’.

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A TV drama producer Nong Arunosha, Pope Thanawat, and Bella Ranee attended the event and talked about this new project.

According to the source, “Buppesunnivas 2 the movie” is the story about the next lives of ‘Karakade’ and ‘Muen Suntorndewa’.

Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee will take the leading roles of this new film.

“Bangkok Traffic Love Story” director will direct this new movie.

Photo: IG popezaap, bellacampen

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