James Jirayu Meets Bow Maylada For The First Time In A New Movie

James Jirayu meets Bow Maylada for the first time in a new movie. SEE ALSO: Bua Nalinthip Wished Pon Nawasch A Happy Birthday Lately, the actress shared her photo with the actor James Jirayu and many others on Instagram stories. Bow Maylada writes, “The filming of a new movie has finished.” The detail of this […]

Bua Nalinthip Wishes Pon Nawasch A Happy Birthday

Bua Nalinthip wishes her co-star Pon Nawasch a happy birthday. SEE ALSO: 3 Thai Actors Who Are Now Filming Several TV Dramas In the clip video, Bua Nalinthip says, “Happy birthday to you. Just enough for my singing. Happy birthday. Wish you very happy and have a good year. Wish you succeed in whatever you […]

Mik Thongraya Says Bow Maylada Is Most Special To Him

In recent days, Mik Thongraya attends the event and talks about the actress Bow Maylada. SEE ALSO: Mark Prin Talked About Mint Chalida In A New Interview In a new interview, Mik Thongraya says that he talks to Bow Maylada but they not often meet lately due their busy schedule. The actor adds that he […]

Mark Prin Talked About Mint Chalida In A New Interview

Mark Prin talked about the actress Mint Chalida in a new interview. SEE ALSO: Cheer Thikumporn To Reunite With Toey Pongsakorn In A New TV Drama The reporters say that the viewers surprise seeing Mark Prin and Mint Chalida in the photo at Mew Nittha’s wedding. The actor replies that it will be more surprise […]

Toey Pongsakorn To Reunite WIth Cheer Thikumporn In A New TV Drama

According to the source, Toey Pongsakorn to reunite with Cheer Thikumporn in a new TV drama ‘Buppe Roy Rai’. SEE ALSO: The Best Thai Actress of January 2020 The drama to produce by Broadcast Thai Television that Nong Arunosha is a TV drama producer. Toey Pongsakorn and Cheer Thikumporn played a couple in a TV […]

Pearwah Nichaphat Admits That She Is Getting Closer To Joss Wayar

A beautiful actress Pearwah Nichaphat recently gives an interview to reporters about a handsome actor Joss Wayar. The actress admits that she is getting closer to him but they’re just co-stars. SEE ALSO: Fans Wish To See Mario Maurer And Taew Natapohn In A New TV Drama Pearwah Nichaphat says that Joss Wayar played her […]

Fans Wish To See Mario Maurer And Taew Natapohn In A New TV Drama

Fans wish to see Mario Maurer and Taew Natapohn in a new TV drama after seeing new photos on Instagram. SEE ALSO: Ploy Chermarn Shared A Sweet Photo With A Handsome Man Lately, Taew Natapohn and Mario Maurer upload a photo taken together on social media. Many fans comment on the photo that they want […]

Ploy Chermarn Is In Love In Her Latest Instagram Post

For this holiday season, Ploy Chermarn travels to Japan with Lydia Sarunrat’s family.¬†On the 7th, a talented actress Ploy Chermarn shared a photo with a handsome man on her official Instagram. She also writes, “My heart is taken by this man” in her caption. SEE ALSO: Pon Nawasch Admitted That He Is A Fan of […]

Pon Nawasch Admitted That He Is A Fan Of Blackpink’s Lisa

Pon Nawasch, a handsome and rising Thai TV3 actor, recently attended a TV show ‘3 Zaap’ with other actors. SEE ALSO: 3 New Thai TV Drama Pairings Who Grab The Audience’s Attention   View this post on Instagram   A TV show host Kalamere asked who was a big fan of Blackpink’s Lisa? Other TV […]

Mark Prin And Kimmy Kimberley Are Sweet In Korea

For this holiday season, a lovely couple Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas are traveling in Korea with the actress Diana Flipo and other friends. SEE ALSO: [Results] The Best Shipped Couple of December 2019 Mark Prin uploaded his photo with Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas when they’re skiing together. The actress also shared a […]