Great Warintorn To Play Couples With Kao Supassara In A New Drama

According to the source, Great Warintorn to play couples with Kao Supassara for the first time in TV drama “Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub” produced by Ja Yuthsinee, a producer of Maker Y Production.  This is second times for this drama to be remade. The last version was aired in 2000 starring Mam Kathaleeya and Pete Thongjure.  Both actor and actress are currently also filming […]

The Crown Princess To Air Soon On Thai TV3

According to the source, TV drama LikitRuk – The Crown Princess starring a sweet couples Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya will be aired on 08 May 2018 on Thai TV3 every Monday and Tuesday after the current TV drama KomFaek finishes airing. This drama has been produced by a talented actress Annethongprasom. This is the 5th TV drama produced by her as a […]

Dan Worrawech Talks About His Fans Meeting and Wedding

DanWorrawech reveals that he has no plan for a wedding ceremony in the near future. He wants to do many things he have planned first before getting married to his girlfriend PattieUngsumalynn. He will soon have a fan meeting with his former D2B member because both of them were born in May. The actor-singer says that he holds […]

My Love From The Star Will Air Next Year

According to the source, a popular K-drama remakes My Love From The Star (Thai Version) starring Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peeranee to air on Thai TV3 earlier next year. The last report says that the drama has been filmed for 20% and the director has changed to Phawat Panangkasiri, who directs TV drama Buppesannivas. This drama is being produced by Broadcast Thai TV and it’s the […]

Jaonaay To Have A New Single

A young singer Jaonaay received a very good feedback from fans after releasing his first single KonLaChan in 2017. According to the news, he plans to release a new single after backing from England. He will go there for 6-7 weeks. He likes singing and feels happy when people enjoy listening to his song. His […]

Buppesannivas To Have A Film Version

Buppesannivas is the most successful TV drama in Thailand this year starring Bella Ranee, Pope Thanawat, Prama Imanotai, Kannarun Wongkajonklai, Noon Ramida, and Most Witsarut. According to the source, Broadcast Thai TV to produce this drama once again as a movie version and it will be directed by the same director Phawat Panangkasiri.  All cast of TV drama will be join filming […]

Diana Flipo Congratulates Pope Thanawat

Diana Flipo worked with Pope Thanawat 2 years ago in TV drama LuerdRukToranong. She met him at 48th Thai TV3 Anniversary but they normally not often meets. Being so popular, the actress congratulates him for his successful, and she is happy for the channel receiving a very good feedback from viewers after TV drama Buppesannivas aired on Thai TV3. P’Pope has contacted […]

Buppesannivas To Air Once Again Soon

Because of the popularity of TV drama Buppesannivas starring Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee, Thai TV3 decides to air this drama once again on 07 May 2018 every Monday – Friday at 7 PM. For this airing, some scenes, that were cut out, will be included. The original version has only 15 episodes, that’s why the director couldn’t add all […]

Puttichai Kasetsin Talks About His Wedding

Puttichai Kasetsin and Warattaya Nilakhuha have traveled to Korea for 5 days enjoying the nice views at there. For their wedding date, both actor and actress will reveal to the public at the event they will join together on 30 April 2018. Their wedding party is being organized and the actor helps his bride-to-be choosing a good thing […]

Bella Makes A Happy Birthday Gift For Sukollawat Kanarot

Making a birthday gift for Sukollawat Kanarot, Bella has collected their old photos and made a video clip for him on his birthday. The actress has posted it on her Instagram account and tagged him on that post. She also sent a wishing message to him on that day, the actress said. The actress hasn’t bought […]