Yaya Urassaya Shares A Sweet Photo On Her Official Instagram

Yaya Urassaya shares a sweet photo on her official Instagram today (15 December 2018) before she flies to the U.S. SEE ALSO: Louis Scott and Noom Ramida Talk About Their Wedding News In the photo, they look so sweet and she writes, “He sends me off and gives a support before departure.Thank you.” Many celebrity friends comment on […]

Bie Sukrit Talks About His Ex-Girlfriend Mo Monchanok

Bie Sukrit talks about his ex-girlfriend Mo Monchanok in a new interview. SEE ALSO: Top 10 Most-Searched Thai Peoples On Google 2018 The actor reveals that he has a meal with his and her friends because they’re close. They not often meet, that’s why he invites Mo Monchanok, too. She is free and joins eating a meal together. He […]

10 Thai Actresses Nominated In Hot Girl of The Year For Daradaily Awards 8

10 Thai actresses nominated in Hot Girl of The Year for Daradaily Awards 8. According to the source, Yaya Urassaya Sperbund has won Hot Girl Awards from Daradaily 7 times since 2012. Will she win the awards once again? Please stay tuned for more update. SEE ALSO: Mint Chalida Talks About Aff Taksaorn and Matt Peranee Let […]

Louis Scott and Noom Ramida Talk About Their Wedding News

Louis Scott and Noom Ramida talk about their wedding news in a new interview. SEE ALSO: James Ma Talks About His Dating News With Prim Prima Reporter: You make a perfect body for the wedding next year? Louis: I just take care of my health…… Noon: It’s called a preparation. When that’s a chance, we will do it. Reporter: […]

Bella Ranee Is Asked About Her Wedding Plan

Bella Ranee is asked about her wedding plan with her boyfriend Weir Sukollawat in a new interview. SEE ALSO: 9 Things You Should Know About Bua Nalinthip “I’m different from other people because I don’t determine it by age. I live in a present and I can’t set a goal of the future whether it will be like this or that. […]

James Ma Talks About His Dating News With Prim Prima

James Ma talks about his dating news with his co-star Prim Prima in a new interview. SEE ALSO: James Ma Opens Up About His Co-Star Diana Flipo “We’re a brother and sister. We’re co-stars since filming a TV drama ‘Sai Tarn Huajai’. We always meet each other at the event of the channel. We’re close after working together. I’m […]

Mint Chalida Talks About Aff Taksaorn and Matt Peranee

Mint Chalida talks about Aff Taksaorn and Matt Peranee in a new interview. SEE ALSO: 10 Thai Actresses Nominated In Best Actress of The Movie For Daradaily Awards 8 Reporter: After you give the last interview, they think that you’re at Aff Taksaorn’s side? Mint: Actually, in my interview, I say that I respect both sides’ decision. I haven’t said that […]

James Jirayu Talks About His Life After Revealing About His Girlfriend To The Public

James Jirayu talks about his life after revealing about his girlfriend to the public. SEE ALSO: 3 Thai Star Couples Who Just Got Married Reporter: How is your life after revealing a girlfriend? James Ji: I think that it’s the same as before. Now it’s normal and doesn’t have anything exciting. I think we understand more and […]

Mario Maurer Talks About His Girlfriend In A New Interview

Mario Maurer talks about his girlfriend in a new interview after she posts his photo on her official Instagram to wish him a happy birthday. SEE ALSO: 3 New Thai Channel 7 Dramas For 2019 The actor says that he sees the photo and comments on it after she posts. Mario Maurer reveals that his girlfriend gives […]

Mai Davika and Ter Chantavit Have A Sweet Time Together

Mai Davika and Ter Chantavit have a sweet time together once again and they look so cute. SEE ALSO: Mew Nittha Talks About Her Relationship With Hi-So Shane The actor and actress are seeing each other special but they’re not an official couple yet. They start the relationship after playing a couple in a TV drama ‘Chai Mai Jing […]