Top 10 Thai Celebrities Who Get More Followers On Instagram In October

Instagram is the most popular social media platform which Thai celebrities always use to show their activities to fans. Let check out top 10 Thai celebrities who get more followers on Instagram in October in the list below. 10. Plan Rathavit (+135,277 Followers) 9. James Theeradon (+136,510 Followers) 8. Ice Paris (+143,850 Followers) 7. Saint Supapong […]

Nadech Kugimiya and Pope Thanawat Are Top Advertisement Models This Year

Nadech Kugimiya and Pope Thanawat are top advertisement models this year by working with several local brands. Due to Pope Thanawat‘s popularity grows rapidly after a TV drama ‘Buppesunnivas’ aired on Thai channel 3, many local brands sign him as a brand ambassador. This year, he is the advertisement model for True Point & Pay, Cathy Doll, Wink White, Seven […]

3 Thai Drama Couples We Want To See Reunite In A Drama

3 Thai drama couples we want to see reunite in a new TV drama because their chemistry is great. Let check out the list below. 1. James Jirayu and Taew Natapohn This year, James Jirayu and Taew Natapohn have 2 new drama ‘Neung Dao Fah Diew’ and ‘Game Sanaeha’. The second drama receives good feedback from viewers. They […]

Top 5 Thai TV3 Actresses in 2018

Thai TV3 is one of the biggest channels in Thailand and has many Thai actresses under its label. Most of them are so popular in Thailand and Asia. They’re also talented in acting TV drama. Let check out top 5 Thai TV3 actresses in 2018 in the list below. Bella Ranee After a TV drama, ‘Buppesunnivas’ broadcasted […]

3 Thai Celebrities Join The International Cat-Walk In Italy

It’s really the great honor for celebrities when they have been chosen by the lead brand to join the runway abroad. 3 Thai stars Mario Maurer, Mai Davika, and Poo Praiya get the great opportunity from the international brand joining the catwalk show in Italy. 1. Mai Davika As a representative of Asian women, Mai Davika has […]

5 New Thai Star Couples On Screen

Every year, over 100 Thai TV dramas and TV series airing on the television but only a few of them that get the attention from viewers. From January to August 2018, there 5 dramas getting much love from Thai audiences. Actors and actresses in those dramas also become hot couples on screen (called Koo Jin […]

3 Thai Actresses Who Look Younger Than Their Real Ages

1. Aom Sushar In 2018, the actress turns 30 years old but she looks like she is under 25 years old. Aom can play a character of high school student as before. 2. Four Sakolrat With her baby face, many people don’t believe that she turns 31 years old this year. She has shared her […]

Top 5 Female Celebrities Who Have Won Many Awards

Awards is worth to all Thai actresses, who work in Thai entertainment industry. Below are top 5 female celebrities, who have won many awards after showing their great acting playing TV dramas and movies. 1. Yaya Urassaya Playing TV drama for 10 years, the actress got 72 awards from different awards ceremony programs. 2. Aum […]

Top 5 Male Celebrities Who Have Won Many Awards

Getting awards is the most honor for actors, actresses, singers or producers, who are working in Thai entertainment industry because not all of them can get this prize. Let check the list of 5 male celebrities, who have won many awards below. 1. Nadech Kugimiya Debut as an actor in 2010, the actor now have […]

3 Thai Celebrities Decided Not To Renew The Contract With Their Labels

1. Cee Siwat After the contract between him and Thai channel 7 has expired, the actor decided not to renew his contract with the channel. He currently turns to be a host of TV show “Big Heads Thailand” on One 31 channel and “Huana 5 Kuab” on Workpoint TV. 2. Mo Monchanok Her contract with […]