3 Upcoming Thai Dramas For Monday and Tuesday

Another 3 interesting Thai TV dramas starring by talented actors and actresses are coming soon for this June 2018! Let check out the list below. 1. GameSanaeha The second drama of James Jirayu and Taew Natapohn will be aired on 25 June 2018 on Thai TV3 after “Likit Ruk – The Crown Princess” ends. 2. Bangkok Naruemit This is […]

Top 5 Highest Paid Thai Actresses

Besides acting in TV drama, most Thai actresses earn much amount of money from attending the events and shooting the advertisements. Let check the list of top 5 Thai actresses with highest paid below. 5. Bella Ranee Growing her popularity after playing in a popular TV drama “Buppesunnivas“, she gets paid 8 Millions Baht or […]

4 Upcoming Thai Dramas For June 2018

This June 2018, there are 4 upcoming TV drama played by several talented actors and actresses. Let check the list below. 1. Kham See Than Dorn Many fans are waiting for this drama starring a popular actor Pope Thanawat and Chippy Sirin. The actor will play the very different character from the latest drama. 2. My Hero Series: Montra […]

Top 10 Thai Celebrities Who Get The Most Followers On Instagram For May 2018

Instagram currently is the best way for Thai celebrities to keep in touch with their fans, whom following their activities. 99% of Thai stars have their IG accounts and always post the photos and videos, sometime live the video talking with fans. Followers of them are increasing everyday. From 1 – 31 May 2018, 10 […]

5 Thai Star Best Friends

Thai celebrities have a good friendship with each other after working together and below are 5 Thai star best friends. Let check it out. 1. Kimmy Kimberley and YayaUrassaya They’re best friends since they have worked together in TV Series 4 HuajaiHaengKoonkao. 2. JanieThienphosuwan and NanaRybena These two actresses have been friends for 10+ years and […]

5 Thai Actors And Actresses Who Turned To Be Singers

1. Tom Room39 He is well-known as a child actor in TV drama RuenMayura in 1997. He played several TV drama when he was young. Now he is a popular singer. 2. PeckPalitchoke When he was young, he played some TV dramas as a special guest. Now he is a popular singer, who has many fans. 3. […]

5 Thai Period Drama Are Being Filmed

There are several TV dramas are being filmed by many productions with different channels. Below are 5 Thai period TV dramas that being produced. 1. ThongaekMorYahTahChalong This drama starring Mario Maurer and Kimmy Kimberley. It is being produced by a producer PiyaSawtphikun. 2. Sailohit (2018) This drama remakes is being produced by DARA VDO (Production) […]

5 Beautiful and Talented Child Actresses

There are several pretty little girls in Thai entertainment industry, below are 5 beautiful and talented child actresses. 5. Jenna She was born in 2009. She is now 9 years old. She played several TV drama NumBarnraiKabWanjaiHiso (2012), Esarawi Chuangchot (2013), JaoBaanJaoRuen (2016), and many others. 4. NadaPunnakanta Her first TV drama PorModJaoSanae will be aired soon on Thai […]

5 Thai Actresses Who Have Handsome Brothers

Thai actresses are so pretty and they also have handsome and beautiful siblings. Below are 5 Thai actresses, who have handsome brothers. Let check it out. 1. Kimmy Kimberley Her older brother Thomas Anne Tiamsiri is so handsome and a model. 2. Frung Narikun She has a younger brother named Ponlawit ketprapakorn, who is an actor under the same […]

8 Popular Half Thai-European Actresses

There are many beautiful actresses in Thai entertainment industry, below are 8 popular half Thai-European actresses. 8. Sammy Cowell (Thai-English) She has a talented actress of Thai channel 7. Her drama Sanaehamaya is being aired on TV. 7. Matt Peeranee (Thai-Norwegian) She currently stars in a new TV drama remakes My Love From The Star – Thai Version with Nadech Kugimiya. 6. […]