3 Richest Thai Stars Come From Khon Kaen Province

3 Richest Thai stars come from Khon Kaen province. SEE ALSO: 15 Thai Actresses With Pretty Skin 1. Nadech Kugimiya He is a superstar who earns a lot of money per year by attending the event, filming a TV drama, and shooting a commercial. 2. Weir Sukollawat He is a number one actor of Thai Channel […]

10 Thai TV3 Actresses Who We Love The Most

10 Thai TV3 actresses who we love the most. SEE ALSO: Taiwan Site Has Reported About Yaya Urassaya Bella Ranee Campen gets much love from fans after playing as Karakade in a TV drama ‘Buppesunnivas’. As her friend, Bua Nalinthip becomes a hot actress immediately the drama ‘Tra Barb See Chompoo’ broadcasted on the television. Let […]

15 Thai Actresses With Beautiful Skin

Thai actresses always take care of their skin and keep it healthy and beautiful because they sometimes film a TV drama at the location with the hot weather. Some of them have smooth skin even they don’t wear makeup. SEE ALSO: 3 Sweet Thai Star Couples Who Have Been In A Relationship For Over 5 Years […]

3 Restaurants Owned By Weir Sukollawat, Ken Phupoom, and Shakrit Yamnam

3 Restaurants owned by popular Thai actors Weir Sukollawat, Ken Phupoom, and Shakrit Yamnam. SEE ALSO: 1. Siam Wisdom  It’s a Thai restaurant owned by a talented actor Shakrit Yamnam with a popular chef Chompol. The old Thai house has been renovated as a restaurant and decorated with Thai style. All foods and desserts are […]

3 Sweet Thai Star Couples Who Are Together For Over 5 Years

3 Sweet Thai star couples who are together for over 5 years. SEE ALSO: 3 Thai Stars Who Have Handsome And Beautiful Siblings Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberley have been in a relationship for over 5 years. They always have a sweet moment and travel to other countries together. Tor Thanapob is dating a non-celebrity […]

5 Thai TV3 Dramas Completed Its Filming And Waited For Airing

5 Thai TV3 dramas completed its filming and waited for airing on the television. SEE ALSO: 10 Thai Celebrities Who Are The Positive Role Models In The Industry ‘Pakarang See Dum’ starring Fair Gundon and Namwaan The Face has completed its filming for a long time but it hasn’t released on the television. A TV drama ‘Plerng […]

4 Thai Stars Who Were Born And Grew Up Abroad

4 Thai stars who were born and grew up abroad before they moved to live in Thailand. SEE ALSO: 3 Thai Dramas To Premiere Soon On Thai Channel 7 1. Alex Rendell Alex Rendell was born in Jakarta, Indonesia because his father was a chef there. His family moved to Thailand when he was 4 years […]

3 Thai Actresses You Never Knew Were Incredibly Smart

3 Thai actresses you never knew were incredibly smart. SEE ALSO: 12 Thai Star Couples Who Opened Their Relationship In 2018 Poo Praya Lundberg completed the bachelor degree of law from England and her English is fluent. She also signed a contract with the popular agency The Society Management in America. Patricia Good is the idol […]

3 Thai Stars Who Have Handsome And Beautiful Siblings

3 Thai stars have handsome and beautiful siblings, who follow their sister and brother’s steps to work in the industry. SEE ALSO: 9 Things You Need To Know About Taew Natapohn Frunk Narikul has a handsome brother named Pond Ponlawit, who is currently working under Nadao Bangkok as his sister. He Currently appears in a new TV […]

10 Thai Stars Who Are The Positive Role Models In The Industry

Cherry Khemupsorn has retired from the industry after working for many years. She currently turns to be a person who always helps society. The actress is the best positive role model of the entertainment industry. SEE ALSO: Tono Pakin Is Asked About The Relationship With His Co-Star Nychaa Nuttanicha Let check out the list of […]