5 Thai TV3 Actresses Who Have Great Acting Skills

5 Thai TV3 actresses who have great acting skills. SEE ALSO: Mario Maurer and Kimmy Kimberley’s Drama Gets The Hashtag Trending On The Social Media Mew Nittha has good acting and can play in comedy and romance drama. She also shows her acting skill by playing as Nang Rai in a TV drama ‘Rak Nakara’. Yaya […]

Thai Stars Who Are Vietnamese Descents

3 Thai star who are Vietnamese descents but most people don’t know about it. SEE ALSO: 3 Thai Celebrities Make Calendars To Earn Money For Helping People 1. Tao Sattapong Phiangphor A handsome actor Tao Sattapong (Tao AF8) comes from Kalsasin province to Bangkok and becomes a celebrity after attending the singing competition Academy Fantasia. His […]

3 Thai Celebrities Make Calendars To Earn Money And Donate To The Charity

3 Thai celebrities who make calendars to earn money and donate it to the charity. SEE ALSO: Mai Davika’s Stories 1. Mai Davika An actress is a person with beautiful heart who donates her own money to the charity. Sometimes she tells the media but sometimes doesn’t. In 2019, she makes her own calendars and […]

The Result Of Top 5 Finalist For 8th Daradaily Awards

Daradaily opened a voting system for 8th Daradaily Awards from 15 December 2018 to 15 January 2019. SEE ALSO: 20 Thai Actors And Actresses Nominated In The Popular Vote For 8th Daradaily Awards On 16 January 2019, the popular media reveals the result of top 5 finalists for Daradaily Awards 2018 in each category. Best Actress […]

New Thai Star Couples In 2019

Many celebrity couples open their relationship to the public this year and have a sweet time together. They also share their sweet photos on the official Instagram. SEE ALSO: Thai Stars, TV Dramas, TV Shows, Directors nominated In Asian Television Awards 2018 The first couple is Songkarn Taechanarong and Matt Peranee who always have a beautiful […]

4 TV Shows That Worth Watching In Your Free Time

4 TV Shows that worth watching in your free time. SEE ALSO: 3 New Thai Dramas Starring Nune Woranuch, Ohm Atshar, and Toey Jarinporn Start A Costume Fitting And Filming 1. The Mask Singer Thailand It’s the most popular singing competition in Thailand and the original version is King of Mask Singer (Korea). The show broadcasts […]

Thai Stars Who Look Alike And Play As Siblings In TV Dramas

Thai stars who look alike and play as siblings in TV dramas. SEE ALSO: Thai Celebrities Attend A Popular Girl Group Black Pink’s Concert In Thailand 1. Taew Natapohn and Mew Nittha Taew Natapohn and Mew Nittha played as sisters in a TV drama ‘Rak Nakara’ alongside Mark Prin in 2017. 2. Aum Patchrapa and Nune […]

Top 10 Thai Actors With The Most Flawless Skin In The Industry

Do you love having a good skin? Everyone take care of the skin to be good-looking but some Thai actors have perfect skin since they were born. We will show you the list of top 10 Thai actors with the most flawless skin in the industry below. SEE ALSO: ONE 31 Channel Reportedly Has Contacted Chompoo […]

Top 5 Thai Actresses Who Have High Popularity

Top 5 Thai actresses who have high popularity. SEE ALSO: 5 Thai Actors Who Have Good Chemistry With All Actresses 1. Bella Ranee Campen She immediately becomes a top actress after a big hit TV drama ‘Buppesunnivas’ aired on Thai TV3. The actress earned a lot of money from advertisements and events last year. 2. Yaya […]