3 New Interesting Thai TV Dramas By Thai TV3 and PPTV

This year, many new TV dramas are producing by different productions and channels. Here is the list of 3 new TV dramas by PPTV and Thai TV3. SEE ALSO: Thai Stars Who Are Always In The List of Handsome And Beautiful Faces  1. Mia Archeep Mai Warit and Prang Kannarun take the leading roles in […]

New TV Dramas To Premiere Soon On The Television

3 New TV dramas to premiere soon on the television and you shouldn’t miss it. SEE ALSO: Bua Nalinthip Opens Up About Her Co-Star Pon Nawasch In A New Interview with Reporters 1. Dai Deng The drama produced by a senior actress Aom Phiyada and starred by the popular actors Poh Nattawut, Cris Horwang, Nok […]

Chompoo Araya Jokingly Asks Yaya Urassaya How Is Her Life After Getting Married On A TV Show ‘3 Zaap’

A popular TV show ‘3 Zaap’ is coming back this week with the special guests James Ma and Yaya Urassaya Sperbund from a TV drama ‘Klin Ka Salong’. SEE ALSO: ‘Klin Ka Salong’ Was Trending On Twitter When Airing The Episode 8   View this post on Instagram   ความสดใสของอี่นายเต็มเปี่ยมทั้งรายการแน่นอน 😁 #urassayas #nadechyaya #mim_sotaya #กลิ่นกาสะลอง […]

5 Thai TV3 Dramas Expected To Air In Early 2020

Thai TV3 is currently producing several TV dramas with the performance of the popular actors and actresses. SEE ALSO: New Thai TV3 Dramas That Hasn’t Aired on The Television Here is the list of 5 Thai TV3 expected to air in early 2020. 1. Ok Keub Hak Ab Ruk Khun Samee The drama is filming […]

3 Thai TV3 Dramas That The Cast Has Changed Before Filming

5 Thai TV3 dramas that the cast has changed before the official filming. SEE ALSO: Dj Push Puttichai to Work With Pooklook Fonthip For The First Time in New TV Drama 1. Song Sanaeha The original cast was Ken Phupoom and Bella Ranee Campen. The actor left the drama because of his busy schedule. After […]

Thai Channel 7 Announces 4 New TV Dramas That Will Be Produced Soon

On 04 July 2019, the official Facebook page Ch7 HD Drama Society announces that the channel to produce 4 new TV dramas. SEE ALSO: We Wished To See Thai TV3 Top Actors And The Young Actresses Playing A Couples In The New TV Dramas 1. Talay Deard It’s the third time for Louis Hesse d’Alzon […]

3 New Interesting TV Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss

3 new interesting TV dramas you shouldn’t miss starred by the popular actors and actresses. SEE ALSO: 5 Famous Thai Drama Couples With Their New TV Dramas 1. Wo Ai Ni Tur Tee Ruk According to Daradaily, Sean Jindachot to play a couple with Peak Pattarasaya in a new TV drama ‘Wo Ai Ni Tur […]

James Jirayu Shows How He Spends His Day In A New Vlog Video

On 01 July 2019, a handsome actor James Jirayu uploaded a new VLOG video on YouTube with the title ‘One Day With James Ji’. SEE ALSO: Krong Karm and many others are in the list of the top 10 highest viewership rating TV drama for the first half of 2019 In the video, the actor […]

Mario Maurer Reunite With Pchy Witwisit After 12 Years

A new episode of a show ‘Oh! Lunla’ is back once again on YouTube. For this episode, Mario Maurer attended ‘Millennials Choice 2019’ and he had to sing a song with his co-star Pchy Witwisit. SEE ALSO: Mint Chalida and Pupaa Taechanarong Talk About Her Love On ‘3 Zaap’ Both actors worked together in a […]