Here is the list of rising actors who will attend upcoming Channel 3 concert

According to Thai TV3, the concert “Channel 3 Supernova” will be held on August 23, 2020, with the performance of rising actors.

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The source adds that there are 12 rising actors who will attend the concert. Also, it divided into 3 groups.

The first group includes Pon Nawasch, Kratingg Khunnarong, Mean Phiravich, and Bright Rapheephong.

In the second group, there are Inn Sarin Inpitar, Ice Panuwat, August Vachiravit, and Job Thuchapol.

For the last group, it includes Kongthap Peak, Ryu Vachirawich, Smith Paswitch, and Tee Tanapon.

Are you waiting for this upcoming Channel 3 concert?

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