The top 10 Thai TV3 actresses with most-followed on Instagram

The top 10 Thai TV3 actresses with most-followed on Instagram.

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1. Yaya Urassaya

Yaya Urassaya ranked first place of Thai TV3 actress with most-followed on Instagram.

She has 10,315,016 followers now.

2. Chompoo Araya

Chompoo Araya is another top Thai TV3 actress. The actress has 10,278,577 followers now.

3. Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas 

Ranked the third place, Kimmy Kimberley has 9,062,953 followers on Instagram.

4. Kao Supassara

Kao Supassara, a talented and rising actress of Thai TV3, has 8,649,546 followers.

5. Margie Rasri

Margie Rasri reportedly will come back this year with a new TV drama after taking a break for 2 years.

She has 8,227,489 followers on Instagram now.

6. Bella Ranee

Bella Ranee’s popularity grows up day by day and she has 7,397,480 followers.

7. Toey Jarinporn 

Toey Jarinporn showed her performance in 2 new TV dramas “Toong Sanaeha” and “Kwam Song Jum See Jang” this year.

She has 7,138,315 followers on Instagram now.

8. Taew Natapohn

Taew Natapohn is a talented actress on Thai TV3 with various popular TV dramas.

She has 6,566,262 followers on Instagram.

9. Anne Thongprasom

Anne Thongprasom is a senior actress who has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years.

She has 5,365,134 followers on Instagram.

10. Mint Chalida

Mint Chalida has 4,917,721 followers on Instagram now.

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