Top Thai TV3 actresses with their official Weibo accounts

The following are top Thai TV3 actresses with their official Weibo accounts.

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Bella Ranee (BellaCampen_Official)

IG bellacampen

A mega-hit drama “Love Destiny” makes Bella Ranee well-known in Asia and many other countries.

Her Weibo account garners 33,000 followers.

Mew Nittha (MewNitthaJira)

IG mewnittha

With her performance in “My Husband in Law”, Mew Nittha grabbed the audience’s attention in China.

Currently, she has 18,000 followers on Weibo.

Taew Natapohn (TNatapohn)

IG taewaew_natapohn

Currently, “Nakee” star Taew Natapohn collects 13,000 followers on her Weibo account.

Kimmy Kimberley (KimberleyKimmy)

IG kimmy_kimberley

A bride-to-be Kimmy Kimberley now reaches 2,316 followers on this social media.

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