3 new Thai TV3 dramas with the performance of talented stars finished filming

Here are 3 new Thai TV3 dramas that finally finished filming after many months.

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Petchakard Jun Jao (by Mind at Work)

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Lately, Mean Phiravich uploaded his photos with other actors at the filming location of “Petchakard Jun Jao”.

In the caption, he revealed that this drama finished its filming after almost 10 months.

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Poot Maenam Khong (by Mind at Work)

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A new drama remake “Poot Maenam Khong” starring Mai Warit and Oom Eisaya also finished filming.

Keb Pandin (by Pau Jin Jong)

Finally, a new drama remake “Keb Pandin” with the performance of Ice Panuwat, Pon Nawasch, and Oom Eisaya finished filming after 2 years.

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