Upcoming Thai TV3 dramas with new pairings

Here are upcoming Thai TV3 dramas with new pairings.

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Mark Prin and Bow Maylada’s new drama

IG mark_prin

Mark Prin and Bow Maylada will meet each other for the first time in the new drama by “Roy Leh Marnya” producer.

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Prao Ruk

IG tong_cholumpi

James Ma is paired with Pie Rinrada for the first time in “Prao Ruk”.

“Ruk Nirun Juntra” producer reportedly will make this new drama.

Mat Huajai Yai Sup Tar

IG gulfkanawut

Another new pairing is Gulf Kanawut and Janie Thienphosuwan who will play the leading roles in “Mat Huajai Yai Sup Tar”.


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James Jirayu and Toey Jarinporn will play a couple on the small screen for the first time in “Matalada”.

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