Upcoming Thai TV3 Dramas That Surprise The Audience With New Pairings

3 upcoming Thai TV3 dramas that surprise the audience with new pairings.

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Mario Maurer and Yaya Urassaya

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Many fans are so happy to see Mario Maurer and Yaya Urassaya in the new TV drama “Kue Thur”.

Also, the drama will be produced by Anne Thongprasom.

Great Warintorn and Ice Preechaya

Great Warintorn has never worked with Ice Preechaya in the TV drama.

Soon, they will star alongside in the new drama remake “Plerng Payu”.

Nadech Kugimiya and Bow Maylada

Signed a contract with Thai TV3, Bow Maylada got a great opportunity to play the leading role in the new TV drama “Mon Ruk Nong Pak Ka Yang” with Nadech Kugimiya.

The drama is also produced by P’ Off Pongpat, a popular TV drama producer of Thai TV3.



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