Thai TV3 dramas that planned to produce soon

Thai TV3 dramas that planned to produce soon.

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Kroa Ruk

“Kroa Ruk” reportedly cast James Ma and Pie Rinrada to take the leading roles alongside each other for the first time.

Cholumpi production will produce this drama.

Macalee Tee Ruk

A new actress Ling Ling Kwong will take the leading role for the first time in “Macalee Tee Ruk” alongside Mac Weerakaniz.

This drama will be produced by Chomlumpi production, too.

Sapai Sai Strong

Pon Nawasch and Nychaa Nuttanicha will reunite in a new drama remake “Sapai Sai Strong”.

Somching Srisupap of Good Feeling is a producer of this upcoming drama.

Prom Likit

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“Prom Likit” by Broadcast Thai Television will produce soon with the performance of Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee.

Mummy Tee Ruk

A new drama “Mummy Tee Ruk” by Master ONE cast Margie Rasri and March Chutavuth to play a couple for the first time.

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