New Thai TV3 Drama Remakes With The Performance of Rising Actors

This year, Thai TV3 produces various TV drama remakes with the performance of rising actors.

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Mae Krua Kon Mai

According to the source, Thai TV3 to remake a popular drama ‘Mae Krua Kon Mai’ soon. Namfah Thunyaphat and August Vachirawit to play leads in this drama remake.

Sapai Jao Sua

‘Sapai Jao Sua’ is also a drama remake and will be produced by D ONE TV. Ohm Kanin and Prim Prima to play leads in this drama.

Theptida Pla Rah

Photo: IG kratingg, sirinissirin, kaninohm, prima_prim, aaugust007, namfah_thunyaphat

Kratingg Khunnarong reportedly plays a couple with Chippy Sirin for the first time in a drama remake ‘Theptida Pla Rah’.

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