Handsome former Thai TV3 actors with their new projects

The following are handsome former Thai TV3 actors with their new projects.

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Apo Nattawin

IG nnattawin

Apo Nattawin debuted as an actor on Thai TV3 in the 2015 drama “Sut Khaen Saen Ruk”.

Now, he is showing his great acting in the new BL series “KinnPorsche”.

Mai Warit

IG maiwarit

Mai Warit started working with Thai TV3 in the 2013 drama “Mae Pia Due”.

Currently, he is shooting the new drama remake “Samee Ngoen Phon” with Kwan Usamanee.

Indy Intad

IG indianaindy

A handsome actor performed for the first time in the 2013 drama “Madam Dun”.

He grew his popularity after starring in “The Crown Princess” alongside Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya.

His new drama “Music and Krasue” is airing on Thai channel 8. Also, Indy Intad is filming the new drama “Luerd Kakee”.

God Jirayu

IG godfather1632

God Jirayu is a great actor and well-known for his performance in “Love Destiny” and “Krachao See Da”.

His new series “The Last Happy New Year” is airing on ONE 31.

As well, he will have 2 new drama series “Bad Guys” and “Lai Kinaree”.

Ken Phupoom

IG ken_phupoom

First time working with ONE 31, Ken Phupoom takes the leading role alongside Vill Wannarot in “My Lovely Bodyguard”.

This drama just premiered on May 02, 2022.

Top Jaron

IG topiz_js

Top Jaron portrays the role of a villain in the new drama remake “Pom Sanaeha”.

Soon, he will have a new movie “Dai Deep”.

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