The top 10 most favorite actresses on Channel 3 Plus in late April 2021

The top 10 most favorite actresses on Channel 3 Plus in late April 2021.

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1. Bella Ranee

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Still ranked #1 on the list, Bella Ranee hit 16,160 votes later this month.

2. Nychaa Nuttanicha

Following by Nychaa Nuttanicha who ranked #2 and collected 15,593 votes.

3. Namfah Thunyaphat

With her wonderful performance in “Mae Krua Kon Mai”, Namfah Thunyaphat grows her popularity rapidly.

She ranked #3 and had 15,234 votes on the list.

4. Yaya Urassaya

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The top actress Yaya Urassaya got 13,943 votes and ranked #4.

5. Kimmy Kimberley

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Another top actress Kimmy Kimberley ranked #5 and garnered 8,423 votes.

6. Bow Maylada

Her new drama “Mon Ruk Nong Pak Ka Yaeng” will premiere on May 14, 2021.

On the list, she ranked #6 with 7,507 votes.

7. Kao Supassara

A rising actress consistently gets much attention from the audiences with her performance in dramas.

Ranked #7 on the list, she recorded 7,411 votes.

8. Mint Chalida

As always, Mint Chalida received much love from her fans.

On the list, she ranked #8 with 5,273 votes.

9. Mew Nittha

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The actress takes a break from playing the drama now. But, her new drama “Duang Tah Tee Sarm” finished filming and scheduled to air soon on Thai TV3.

Mew Nittha ranked #9 with 3,890 votes.

10. Taew Natapohn

The last actress on the list is Taew Natapohn who had 3,853 votes.

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