Popular Thai TV3 actors with their upcoming 2022 dramas

The following are popular Thai TV3 actors with their upcoming 2022 dramas.

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Ken Theeradeth

IG kun_jun

Ken Theeradeth will meet Anne Thongprasom in “Sup Tar 2550” after 11 years.

Many of their fans are looking forward to this drama.

Pope Thanawat

IG popezaap

Pope Thanawat is filming his new period drama “Love Destiny 2” with Bella Ranee. In this new season, he plays 3 different characters. That’s a challenging role for him.

Nadech Kugimiya

IG verasalon

Nadech Kugimiya is filming his new period drama “Lai Kinaree” with his girlfriend Yaya Urassaya.

As well, he will reunite with Taew Natapohn in “Karn Kritsana”.

Mario Maurer

IG mario_mm38

His next project is reportedly a new season of the popular drama “Thong Aek: The Herbal Master”.

He will reunite with Kimmy Kimberley in this new drama, too.

Moreover, he is shooting the new drama “Bad Romeo” alongside Yaya Urassaya.

Mark Prin

IG mark_prin

The top actor is cast in 2 new dramas next year.

The first one is “Tai Ngao Tawan” that he will star alongside Bow Maylada.

Also, he will have another new drama with Yaya Urassaya next year according to Daradaily.

James Jirayu

IG jirayu_jj

A lovely actor has almost finished filming his new drama “Pitsawart Kartagame” with Gina Yeena.

Next year, he will also have a new drama “Matalada” with Toey Jarinporn.

James Ma

IG james_jamesma

A charming actor James Ma will film the new drama “Prao Ruk” soon alongside a rising actress Pie Rinrada.

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