8 Things You Need To Know About Ching Ching Kharittha

8 Things you have never known about a young and talented actress Ching Ching Kharittha.

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1. Ching Ching Kharittha was born on 18 July 1996.

2. She is 165 centimeters.

3. Ching Ching Kharittha completed a bachelor degree with honor from the school of digital media and cinematic arts at Bangkok University.

4. The actress is good at sports like ice skating and horse riding.

5. She was well-known after playing Boran TV dramas ‘Kaew Na Ma’ and ‘Si Yod Kuman’.

6. The actress is more popular when she played a TV drama ‘Oak Thoranee’ in 2017.

7. She is filming 2 new dramas ‘Sed Thee Teen Plao’ and ‘Jun Krajang Tee Klang Thong’.

8. Ching Ching Kharittha is dating a handsome actor Nut Atirut.

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