Ching Ching Kharittha Has A Good Friendship With Weir Sukollawat

According to the sources, a young and talented actress Ching Ching Kharittha, who gets much attention from the audiences lately, reportedly has a good friendship with her senior actor Weir Sukollawat because she is in the same group of friends with him.

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Ching Ching Kharittha and Weir Sukollawat are both working with Thai Channel 7. Also, Ching Ching Kharittha is dating a handsome actor Nut Atirut, who is Weir Sukollawat’s close friend. 

Ching Ching Kharittha reportedly went on a trip with Nut Atirut and Weir Sukollawat. For this trip, Bella Ranee Campen also joined.

Photo: kkharittha | weir19

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