Chompoo Araya Jokingly Asks Yaya Urassaya How Is Her Life After Getting Married On A TV Show ‘3 Zaap’

A popular TV show ‘3 Zaap’ is coming back this week with the special guests James Ma and Yaya Urassaya Sperbund from a TV drama ‘Klin Ka Salong’.

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Chompoo Araya: How is your life after getting married?

Yaya: Laugh

Kalamere: I watch your clip video about 20 – 30 times. It really looks like a wedding.

Yaya: It describes step by step. Something likes this. It’s beautiful images.

Chompoo: A wedding is also like this. It has a presentation and other things. Then, a groom and bride appear. Something like this. Do you cut a cake?

Yaya: No! (Laugh)

Kalamere: But both of you exchange the gifts.

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