7 Cute And Handsome Thai Actors

The following are 7 cute and handsome Thai actors who capture the audience’s attention.

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James Jirayu

James Jirayu has a babyface. He looks so cute and handsome. Also, James Jirayu has a lovely smile.

Blue Pongtiwat

Blue Pongtiwat is well-known after playing the massive hit TV drama ‘Krong Karm’. He becomes a popular rising actor now. He has a very cute face and smile.

Saint Suppapong


Saint Suppapong is a handsome and cute young actor. He is well-known after playing a TV series ‘Love By Chance’. Saint has a lovely face and charming eyes.

Chimon Wachirawit


Chimon Wachirawit is so cute. He has a lovely lip, eyes, nose, and face shape.

Kongthap Peak

Kongthap Peak is well-known after attending the show ‘Produce X 101’ in Korea. This year, he debuts as an actor in the drama ‘Dare to Love: Hai Ruk Pipaksa’. He plays alongside Bella Ranee in this new drama.

Donut Phattharapon

Donut Phattarapon is a rising actor under Thai channel 7. He has a lovely smile.

Bas Suradet

Bas Suradet, 21, got much attention from the audiences when his TV series ‘2 Moons’ aired on the television. He is now a member of a boy group SBFIVE. He has a cute face and smile.

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    (June 25, 2019 - 11:42 pm)

    James jirayu❤️🍓 he is the most handsome,smart,cute and sweet man in thailand

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