Denkhun Ngamnet and Namwhan Phulita Take The Lead Roles In A New TV Drama

On 23 July 2019, the entertainment news of Thai TV3 reported that Good Feeling had a costume fitting for its new TV drama ‘Sunya Ruk Sunya Luang’.

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Denkhun Ngamnet and Namwhan Phulita play the leading roles alongside their senior actress Namfon Patcharin and many others.

Denkhun Ngamnet plays as Ani / Yodsarat and Namwhan Phulita plays as Wiwan / Paeng Thong. For Namfon Patcharin, she plays as Soadaya who is waiting for her lover since the past up to now.

It’s the fantasy TV drama with the transitions between the current lifetime and previous lifetime.

Please stay tuned for more update about this new TV drama.

Photo: denkhun_ngamnet | whan.p | namfonpatcharin

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