Fans Want To See Dj Push And Aff Taksaorn In A New TV Drama Together

Dj Push, Jooy Waratttaya, and Aff Taksaorn have a good friendship after working together.

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In recent days, Aff Taksaorn uploaded a photo of her with Dj Push Puttichai on her official Instagram with a caption “What TV drama should we play together, Ah Chat?”

Dj Push Puttichai replies, “Let ask a TV drama producer Jooy Warattaya first.”

Jooy Warattaya replies, “It’s good if P’ Aff plays a TV drama for me.”

Many fans support and wish to see Dj Push and Aff Taksaorn playing a TV drama together.

Photo: aff_taksaorn (2)

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