Dj Push Talks About His Plan Having A Baby This Year

On 12 March 2019, Dj Push Puttichai attends the event and has an interview with reporters about traveling to Korea with Jooy Warattaya and a plan having a baby this year.

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Dj Push: It’s a trip for my wife,¬†Jooy Warattaya. She wants to travel to Korea because she is into K-Drama. She buys Ramen to cook at home. We have free time for 3-4 days and then we go there.

Reporter: Your schedule is so busy this year.

Dj Push: This month, I film 3 new dramas and 2 new TV shows, that’s why I don’t have free time for her. We immediately go there because I have free time.

Reporter: How about a baby?

Dj Push: I’m rooting for good news whether a kid is coming this month or not. If I have good news, I’ll tell the reporters.

Dj Push: I discuss with a doctor and check my health. Now it’s a duty of me and her.

Reporter: You go abroad and make a wish for having a kid?

Dj Push: We don’t have a trip to wish for a baby but when I went to Hong Kong in late 2018, we wish for it, too.

Photo: push_dj

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