Donut Phattharapon Talks About Bow Maylada In A New Interview

Interviewing with the reporters, Bow Maylada says that between her and Donut Phattharapon are just friends even they’re close.

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In a new interview, the actor Donut says, “Between us are still the same. We talk to each other as before and it’s nothing changed. I haven’t asked her about it. I feel nothing for it. Usually, we always talk to each other. When something comes up, we always discuss each other. Our friendship is still the same.”

The reporters ask the actor that “The news says that you’re flirting her?”

“I don’t flirt her. I sometimes talk joking with her because we always talk to each other. I’m not feeling sad because we talk to each other as before. She is happy and so am I,” he answers.

Photo: donut_phattarapon | bow_maylada

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