The Most Favorite Drama Series 2024 (Group 1)

From January until now, there have been many amazing drama series that have been broadcasted on both television and online platforms.

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Some of them gained immense popularity not only in Thailand but also in other countries.

Which Thai drama series captured your heart this year?

Today, May 27, we want to let you know that the voting for ‘The Most Favorite Drama Series 2024’ Group 1 has officially started.

Thai drama series that made it to the nomination list are:

  • Khwanruethai
  • Exes & Missus
  • My Precious
  • Beauty Newbie
  • 23.5

  • My Stand-In
  • City of Stars
  • Bangkok Blossom
  • Wimarn See Thong
  • Phaen Luang Buang Manya

Voting Mechanics

  • Start your first selection by choosing just one drama series from the given list.
  • You can vote multiple times in this unlimited poll.
  • The top 5 drama series with the most votes will advance to the finals.
  • Remember, the poll will end on June 08, 2024, at 3 PM (BKK).


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