Fah Yongwaree has lovely friendships with her co-stars Joss Way-ar and Krist Perawat

A beautiful actress Fah Yongwaree worked with a handsome actor Joss Way-ar in the drama “Nabi, My Stepdarling”.

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Also, they have the same manager named P’ Jack.

A young actress starred alongside Krist Perawat in the new drama “An Eye for An Eye”, too.

Fah Yongwaree has lovely friendships with both talented actors.

In her Vlog video released on YouTube on May 19, 2021, Fah Yongwaree invited Krist Perawat to join the show as a guest.

In the video, they’re so cute together.

As well, Joss Way-ar appeared as a guest in her new Vlog video released on July 03, 2021.

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