Many viewers are excited to see these new Thai TV3 dramas

Lately, Thai TV3 start producing plenty of massive projects with the performance of popular stars.

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Duang Jai Tewaprom

The audiences were so excited when Thai TV3 announced that the channel would produce the sequel of the massive hit series “Suparburoot Jutathep”.

At the moment, “Duang Jai Tewaprom” starts filming with the performance of Gulf Kanawut, Kao Noppakao, Kongthap Peak, Tate Myron, Mike Panithan, and more.

The Betrayal



Today, June 29, Thai channel 3 reveals the poster of the new K-drama remake “The Betrayal” starring Ananda Everingham and Anne Thongprasom.

Many viewers say that the drama will be good for sure.

Nobody’s Happy If I’m Not

“Nobody’s Happy If I’m Not” cast several top stars including Nine Naphat, Taew Natapohn, Aff Taksaorn, Dj Push, and also Punjan Prama.

It’s one of the most anticipated dramas this year.

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We and Us

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With the performance of James Jirayu, Bow Maylada, and Ice Paris, “We and Us” looks so interesting and fun.

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