Fans Give A Strong Support To Matt Peranee

Fans give a strong support to Matt Peranee after the dating news between her and Songkarn Taechanarong comes out.

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According to the source, it has reported that a new TV drama ‘Likit Ruk Karm Dunag Dao’ makes broadcast schedule changes due to the filmmaking process.

Many fans of her post on the social media (Instagram and Twitter) that they will support her and are waiting for the upcoming TV drama ‘My Love From Another Star’ which remakes from K-drama.

Her celebrities friends Great Warintorn, Alek Teeradetch, James Ma, Toey Jarinporn, Taew Natapohn, Mew Nittha, and Mint Chalida encourage Matt Peranee to be strong during this time.

Are you waiting for this drama?


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