Film Thanapat Opens Up About Leaving His Old Job To Be An Actor

Film Thanapat is a new Thai actor who succeeds in the acting career after playing as Boss Wasin in a hit TV drama Mia 2018. He is currently filming a new TV drama Poot Pissawat alongside Bifern AnchasaThe actor also attends several events every day even the drama finished its airing on ONE 31 channel.

Before he started working in the entertainment industry, he was a flight attendant for the local airway. Film Thanapat opens up about leaving from his old job to be an actor that “Acting career is my dream job. When I get the opportunity, I decide leaving my old job to be an actor.”

“When I worked as a flight attendant, I already got into the entertainment industry but I’m not I will have many works to do.”

“When I get the opportunity to be an actor, I have to choose the one I love. I can’t choose both.”

“I think I don’t succeed in my acting career yet. I have to improve a lot.”

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