11 talented and popular actresses who are free agents

After the contracts with their channels expired, these 11 talented actresses have become free agents.

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With their great acting skills, all of them have worked with various popular drama producers and channels.

Mai Davika

A popular star left Thai Channel 7 in 2015. Mai Davika is the most popular freelance actress.

Her new drama “Wanthong” is airing on ONE 31.

Soon, her new drama remake “You’re My Heartbeat” will premiere soon on PPTV.

Baifern Pimchanok

Baifern Pimchanok is one of the most popular freelance actresses.

She is filming 3 new dramas “Sroi Sabunga”, “46 Days”, and “Sinaeha Saree”.

Pooklook Fonthip

A 30 years old actress is working with ONE 31 in the new drama “Leh Luang”.

She becomes a free agent after her contract with PPTV expired in late 2020.

Richy Oranate

After her contract with Thai TV3 expired in early 2020, she has become a free agent.

She is filming 2 new ONE 31 dramas “Sinaeha Saree” and “Prajan Daeng”.

Kwan Usamanee

Kwan Usamanee’s contract with PPTV reportedly expired in mid-March 2021.

The actress will become a free agent.

Pim Pimprapa

She left the Thai channel 7 in late 2020.

Pim Pimprapa is filming a new drama remake “Mia Luang” and a new film “Wai Onlawon Ha”.

Pinky Savika

A 34 years old actress left Thai channel 7 in 2010.

She is filming a new Thai channel 8 drama “Reuan Rom Ngiw”.

Also, Pinky Savika starred in the new drama “Dare to Love: Hai Rak Pipaksa”.

Yui Chiranan

Yui Chiranan becomes a popular free agent and is filming 3 new dramas “Tawan Tok Din”, “Raan 2021”, and “Lay Luntaya”.

Wawa Nicha

After she becomes a free agent, Wawa Nicha is so popular.

She is filming various dramas “Lay Luntaya”, “Pleng Bin Bai Ngiw”, “Wimarn Sai”, and also “Groovin’ On”.

Sammy Cowell

Sammy Cowell will star in a new drama remake “Sai Roong” with Pong Nawat soon.

Min Pechaya

Min Pechaya is reviewing the drama scripts according to her new interview.

The actress left Thai Channel 7 in late 2020.

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