Tor Thanapob, Ice Paris, and Nychaa Nuttanicha’s new series “Ghost Lab” will premiere on Netflix soon

“Ghost Lab”, the original Netflix Thai movie, will premiere on May 26, 2021.

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This new film stars the talented actor Tor Thanapob, Ice Paris, and the Thai TV3 rising actress Nychaa Nuttanicha.

Both Tor Thanapob and Ice Paris take the roles of the doctors.

Meanwhile, Nychaa Nuttanicha also plays the main role in this film and that’s the first time for her to work with this famous production.

Produced by GDH and directed by Golf Paween, that’s a mysterious, thriller, and science movie.

GDH is the most popular Thai production that has made various massive hit movies including “Bad Genius”, “The Con-Heartist”, “Friend Zone”, “Tootsies and The Fake”, “One Day”, “Brother of The Year”, and many more.

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