GMM TV Releases Official Trailers For TV Series In 2019

GMM TV releases the official trailers for TV series in 2019 on its YouTube channel. Next year, the production has planned to release 13 new TV series stars by popular teen actors and actresses under their label.

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Let check out the list below.

1. Endless Love (Lee Thanat and Vee Violette)

2. Turn Left Turn Right (Beam Kawin, Pang Ornjira, Singto Prachaya, and Nanon Korapat)

3. Paen Ruk Salub Duang (Punpun Suttata and Krist Peerawat)

4. Kong Kwan Puer Khun Tee Khun Kiat (Ying Rhatha and Toni Rakkaen)

5. Angel Beside Me (Jaylerr Krissanapoom)

6. Dark Blue Kiss (Tae Tawan and New Thitipoom)

7. Blacklist (Nanon Korapat and Chimon Wachirawit)

8. BFR (Lee Thanat and Fon Sananthachat)

9. Trissadee Jib Tur (Off Jumpol and Atthaphan Poonsawas)

10. Ubat Ruk Kham Korb Fah (Kris Peerawat)

11. Sam Rao Tong Rord (Tae Tawan and Mild Wiraporn)

12. Jao Ying Med Sai (Dan Worrawech, Baifern Pimchanok, and March Chutavuth)

13. Kao Ma Cheng Meng Kang Kang Lom Phum Krab (Singto Prachaya)

Watch the trailers here

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