Grace Karnklao, Lee Thanat, Amy Klinpratoom, And Smart Krissada Cast In A New TV Drama

Lee Thanat, Grace Karnklao, Amy Klinpratoom, and Smart Krissada cast in a new TV drama ‘Rerng Di Dtaa’.

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On the 23rd, GMM 25 shared a photo from a costume fitting on its official Instagram. In the photo, all actors and actresses are handsome and beautiful.

That’s the first time for Grace Karnklao to work with the channel after she turns to be a freelancer. Also, it’s the first time TV drama for Lee Thanat because he normally plays a TV series.

Many fans are so happy to see Grace Karnklao and Lee Thanat in this upcoming TV drama.

Are you excited and waiting for this new TV drama?


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